Warsztaty,  których gospodarzem był pan Robert Pine – amerykański wykładowca


25 września odbyły się w naszej szkole warsztaty,  których gospodarzem był pan Robert Pine – Amerykański wykładowca. W tej niezwykle ciekawej lekcji języka angielskiego wzięli udział uczniowie klas IA i IIC naszego liceum. Była to wspaniała okazja aby  porozmawiać z prawdziwym native speakerem oraz sprawdzić swoje umiejętności językowe.

Robert Pine przebywał na zaproszenie PAFW (Polsko-Amerykańskiej Fundacji Wolności) przy organizacji wizyty zaangażowana była Nidzicka Fundacja Rozwoju Nida i Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Anglistów ET. Robert odwiedził szkoły od Braniewa do Ożarowa Mazowieckiego będąc codziennie w innej szkole odbywał zajęcia z nauczycielami i uczniami.

A oto jak Robert podziękował nam po powrocie do Stanów:

Hello Everyone:

  I returned home on Sunday evening intact, but tired.

  I want to thank each of you for another wonderful experience in Poland.  It was great to meet you, visit your schools, engage your students and provide a few workshops for teachers.  You certainly took full advantage of me for two weeks: 19 schools, 50 separate classes (including two Saturdays), plus 4 teacher workshops.  From my perspective everyone gained something positive to utilize in their life or career.

  Once again Polish hospitality proved itself the best in the world; hospitality of which I am very appreciative.  I look forward to seeing some of the photos you took and links to school websites displaying my visit.  Perhaps we shall meet again in 2018 at ETM in Stare Jabłonki.

  I wish you all the very best,







Magic around us

            Have you ever dreamed about fantasy world? Perhaps you want to escape to another dimension? Come to our new film club! Let yourself delve into cinema’s world. You won’t regret it.

            Last time we watched a new David Yates movie – „Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them”. It’s a history which is preceding a famous J.K.Rowling saga about Harry Potter. It’s 1926, the main character – Newt Scamander, played by Eddie Redmayne, comes to New York to buy a rare magical animal. Unfortunately, 3 of his beasts escape from his magically – expanded suitcase, which houses multiple magic creatures. Because of it, Newt gets into deep water.

            „Fantasic Beasts” is a very entertaining and funny movie. There are many breathtaking scenes created in computer technology. Everything seems so realistic. I cannot ignore fantasic music created by James Newton Howard – one of the biggest American composers. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you will love this.

            Everytime we watch different film genres so everybody can find something interesting to watch. After screening we talk about characters,interesting scenes etc. If you are interested, don’t hestitate and join our club!



A day to remember

                Tired of the boring day-to-day school routine? Being the „new one” scared you to death?   It’s time to change it!

                Last week class IIB organised first year students’ day. The event took place in the gym. The theme was Greek mythology. All first class students had to wear costumes of the acient Greeks. Juniors from each class had to take part in four disciplines: running in bags, finding a way out of the maze, a quiz about school and eating muffins without using hands. Students stubbornly fought for the first place. Class IB won the entire competition. Despite losing, other classes had so much fun. There was no place for tears and sadness. Every class got a prize: sweets, diplomas and a medal.

                What made the strongest impression one me was the cooperation in my class. We all were helping each other. We managed to organize this event despite problems such as deadlines. Everyone was delighted with decorations which we made by ourselves. Thanks to good cooperation, we had some time to get to know each other better.

                To conclude, making this event was a brilliant idea. Everyone, including students and teachers, had a good time. I think that organising first year students’ day was a good way to get to know each other and break the ice.



First class student`s day

                 Are you tired with school routine? Are you bored with lessons and want to have some fun? First year student`s day was a day to remember.

                This exciting event was organized by class „2b” at the pitch next to our school. Everything was happening on Friday, the 30th of September. Organizers invited every student and every teacher from our school. First classes participated in competitions and the winner of it has to organize the next event in the next year. The last team (class) have to clean up place, where the event was happening. It`s such an old tradition in our school. Every class had to show themselves with a song about their class and special costumes. The next part of this competition were quests in which classes were competing each other. The jury consisted of two girls from organizing class and the priest who teaches religious education in our school. In this year the best team was bio-chemical class. It means that they will organize the next event like that.               

                In my opinion, competitions and events like that, are really funny, and they are something that school needs, because it`s good time for everybody to relax a bit and also forget about lessons, tests etc. I think that they aren`t a waste of time because they make everyone happy.

                All in all, as I said, events like that are the best way to meet new students and maybe find some new friends. Who knows? I think that should be more happenings in our school, because it makes school funnier, better and more friendly.